Monty Python

A couple weeks ago, I head some news that really made me smile.  I’ve been hanging onto it, because there really wasn’t much to it at the time.  However, it was announced that the living members of Monty Python would be getting together again and putting on a live show.  I was stoked beyond belief!

Now I will admit that not all of their bits have worked for me.  At least not on the Flying Circus.  And if you ask me about my favorite foreign comedy sketch team, I’ll take The Kids in the Hall all day.  But the movies!  Ah the movies.  Personally, I am partial to the Holy Grail, but you can’t really can’t go wrong with Life of Brian, or The Meaning of Life.  But come on, how quotable is Holy Grail?!

My wife doesn’t particularly care, but she was nice enough to sit through a showing of Spamalot when the show came to Sacramento.  It was a trade off since I didn’t get to see it when we were in New York City.  I was lucky enough that I didn’t have to sit through a show that bored me to tears while there.  We saw Movin’ Out, so I was excited for that too.  I love Billy Joel.  But that’s not really the point of this here post.

I can’t talk about Monty Python without talking about the music, can I?  I own Monty Python Sings, and it was required listening in my group of friends when we were in high school.  If you didn’t know the words to The Lumberjack Song, or Sit on My Face, you needed to learn quickly.  Or else sit quietly!

I guess I’m not the only one who was excited about the reunion as the show sold out in less than one minute.  It was so popular, they added five more shows.  Of course, they are all in London.  None locally.  Maybe my buddy Matt will go for me and bootleg a copy of the show for me.  Although, he’s the type of guy who has too much integrity for something like that.  Jerk.  Plus he lives in Oxford, not London.  According to him, they aren’t close.  I don’t care enough to go look at a map.

Welcome back boys!  Now get off your lazy asses and come to California.


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