RIP Paul Walker

I’ve been sitting on a topic for about a week now.  I keep thinking I need to talk about it because I was really excited when I heard about it.  But I keep running out of time, and now, people keep dying.  First, there was the report on news about Brittany Murphy, then Brian Griffin (yes I understand he is a cartoon character), and now Paul Walker.  Apparently, this is a bad news blog now.  I need to go find a parade and rain on it.

I am not the biggest fan of Paul Walker.  I had to pull up his filmography just to get past 2 movies that he was in (counting the Fast and Furious series as one film).  Turns out he was in a lot of stuff I liked.  The Skulls is fantastic!  PleasantvilleMeet the Deedles!  Okay I never saw Meet the Deedles but the soundtrack to the film is one of my favorites of all time.

Paul was smart enough to avoid the worst of The Fast and Furious franchise.  Tokyo Drift is freaking awful.  But the first film in the franchise was soooo cool when it came out and I’m one of those people who get super excited each time a new film is released.  Hey I may be a simple man, but at least I know what I like!  Don’t judge me.

The film that really makes me sad about his passing is Varsity Blues.  It was released in 1999, and still ranks as my favorite football movie, possibly my favorite sports movie (kind of a toss up with Major League, and possibly Tin Cup) and it’s right up there as one of my favorite movies ever.  I love love love Varsity Blues.  I know Walker wasn’t the main character, but it still holds a very special place in my heart.  In fact, I’m going to put it on right now.

I guess sometimes I forget that celebrities are people too and suffer the consequences of their actions just like the rest of us.  Let this be a lesson to the rest of you.  Slow down.  I’d never met the guy.  I don’t know if he was a good person or not, but I still hate to see people die.

RIP Paul Walker




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