Brittany Murphy

Okay I know I promised that I would write more lately.  This post is the start of the more writing.  Hopefully Phil will as well.  And not just about how much he hates Tom Brady.  Seriously dude, let it go.  It’s over for you.  I keep forgetting to update our league.  Phil is tied for DFL at 3-8.  He blames Tom Brady, but he has way more problems.  Like…. okay it can all be tied back to Tom Brady.  Now where was I?  Oh right.

There were a couple of very interesting developments this week that I wanted to get to.  And I will very soon.  But the first is something I have followed closely.  On December 20, 2009, Brittany Murphy surprisingly died.  It never made much sense to those around her.  Why did I follow it closely?  Well, I wrote a review for for her last film here.  Well, her last film until this new movie that’s coming out this year.  So I’m going to have to review that too, so I can say I reviewed her final film.

So, it’s been a crazy few years in this case.  There has been reports that she was involved with a homeland security whistleblower.  Her husband was reportedly involved with her mother.  Now, apparently her father got his own toxicology report and her hair tested positive for 10 heavy metals leading some to believe she was poisoned.

There was toxic mold supposedly found in the house.  The official cause of death was pneumonia.  But then her husband dies of it five months later?  I love Murphy.  She was great in 8 Mile.  Not so much in Abandoned, in case you didn’t take the time to read my review.  I love a good conspiracy theory, but why would someone go through all the trouble just to poison a Hollywood B-lister at best?  I hope it wasn’t true, even though it makes for a good story.

Her father is discussing exhuming her body.  I hope he doesn’t go through with it.  Yes, I can understand wanting the truth.  Wanting to know for sure what killed your daughter.  But for the love of God, let her rest in peace.


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