Opening Night

I know, I know.  You’re thinking, Eric, opening night was a week ago!  Get off my back!  Phil and I went to opening night for the Sacramento Kings last Wednesday night.  And it was amazing.  Let me get a few things out of the way first.

I live about 35-40 minutes away from the arena.  I had to pick up three guys (including Phil’s lazy ass.  You’re welcome by the way) and drop off my daughters at my wife’s office.  I was in the car a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes!!  I have never been more excited for the new arena.  Including, what should have been a half hour trip after the drop off, taking an hour and 15 minutes.  When the new arena is built, I can take the light rail train from 15 minutes from my house right to the arena.  And drink.  Always drink on the train.  Phil can ride his bike from his office 2 minutes to the arena.  And I can avoid downtown in my car.  2016 cannot come soon enough.

IMG_1205[1]So here is a picture from the parking lot of Sleep Train Arena!  If you’ve read any of our other posts with photos, you’ll know that’s me in front and Phil on the far right.  Our friend Bill is between us, and Ryan is hiding behind me drinking my favorite beer, Moosehead Lager.  It was a Purple Out so we are all wearing purple.  Except Phil.  He was too cool to wear a purple shirt.  Luckily for him, they were giving away purple shirts to everyone once we got inside.

IMG_1206[1]There was a fanfest going on.  By this point it was getting really close to time to go inside so we didn’t get to enjoy any of the activities.  Sucked because a lot of the stuff looked pretty fun.  I’m pretty pissed because I took some photos of the friends we met up with, but the pictures didn’t turn out.  I love the action photos and there was beer everywhere.  I do love the new sign that adorns the side of Sleep Train.  Kings: 1985-Forever always gets me a little choked up!


Outside of the arena, there is a tribute statue to us!  The sixth man!  For those unfamiliar with basketball, the sixth man is the fans.  So that’s Phil on the far left, me next to him and Bill on the the right.  And yes, I’m wearing a custom made Walt Williams Jersey.  And its spectacular.

This is where the pictures get a little crappy.  We were in the upper deck and apparently the camera on my phone doesn’t like being that high up.  So I’ll just throw them in here.


This is the Arena from our seats…obviously.



Ugh I’m super pissed.  I took video of the introductions.  But the audio in the top deck is terrible.  But I don’t want the new owners to fix anything.  Why spend the money?  It’s really not worth it.  So I’m not going to post that.

Phil and I loved it.  And the Kings won!!  Jason Thompson with a HUGE putback dunk with a minute left gave the Kings a 90-88 victory over the Denver Nuggets!!  A group of 20 guys going to the game was a great way to open the season.  I can’t wait till we go again.  Phil?  When will that be?  Let’s go!  At least lets do some bar hopping!



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