Disneyland Days 2 & 3

I forgot to add the rest of the trip to the blog. Partly because I was so exhausted after each day. Partly because Disneyland can be pretty monotonous. I mean, we went on rides, we did some shopping, then we did it all again. But there was some pretty cool stuff that happened.

On day two of the trip, we left our daughters with my parents during their naps so my wife and I could do some rides the girls are not big enough to go on. Space Mountain, Star Tours and we did the Buzz Lightyear ride because I have to beat her in competition. Even though I didn’t. But the most interesting thing happened in California Adventure.

IMG_1075I come out of the restroom and see a young woman in a scooter go right past me. She is shouting at an elderly guy who I assume is her grandfather, so I figure that’s why she is in the scooter. Then I take a look at the old guy. Remember, this group of 5 people or so are all on scooters, and this all happens in about 5 seconds as they roll right past me. I recognize the guy and yell at my wife that I am going to run ahead and try to take a picture, as they are on their way to Disneyland. The guy in the captains hat is Hugh Hefner. The woman in the white shirt and white hat is (I think) his wife. It was pretty cool.

A couple of buddies wanted me to follow them around the park for better pictures. I didn’t really care that much. This one was good enough.

So on day three, we did the princess breakfast. Amazing if you have little girls. Highly recommended, but very expensive, so plan that as part of your package. But my daughter loved it. She got to meet Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White. She wanted to meet Belle, but no such luck.

On this day, my parents rented scooters. It was too hot for them to walk again. So during naps we took their scooters out. Its a great way to see the parks. But you get stuck behind someone, and its hard to get around. But at least you aren’t walking. It saves your feet and your back. Although, as a very able bodied person, I felt like an asshole on a scooter instead of walking. But, we parked and waited in lines for rides, so I didn’t abuse the scooter. Just rested for a bit! It’s great.

I didn’t realize there is a stand in California Adventure that sells beer! AAAAHHHHHHH, how great is that? Riding on a scooter, enjoying a Pacifico off the tap? That was a very nice touch.

IMG_1100 (2) P1020758


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