August cleanup

Well, August kinda got away from me.  So I’m going to put a couple things in this post from August.

First of all, I picked Phil a pretty good fantasy football team.  It was mostly based off of his list, but I veered off a bit.  Here is what it looks like:

QB: Tom Brady, Josh Freeman

RB: LeSean McCoy, Stevan Ridley, Ronnie Hillman, Zac Stacy, Danny Woodhead

WR: Marques Colston, Eric Decker, Lance Moore, Cecil Shorts, Golden Tate, Ryan Broyles

TE: Jimmy Graham

Def: New England

K: Randy Bullock

Here’s how my team ended up.  It’s certainly not as good.  I hope it ends up alright.

QB: Matt Stafford

RB: Ray Rice, Darren McFadden, Daryl Richardson, Fred Jackson, Marcel Reece, Lamichael James

WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Percy Harvin, TY Hilton, Sidney Rice, Rod Streater

TE: Brandon Pettigrew, Dwayne Allen

Def: Seattle

K: Sebastian Janikowski

Phil’s birthday was August 31st.  He is 35!!!  Just kidding.  He’s 34.  I’ll be 35 this year.  I’m the old wise one of the blog.  Anyway, he is still on his trip in Spain.  I hope he doesn’t mind, but I wanted to share how he spent his birthday.  He said…

“I spent my birthday walking about 18 miles, getting a blister on my pinky toe, and drinking lots of wine and beer with my pilgrim friends in a tiny ass village that was founded by Templar knights.  So pretty much a perfect birthday.”

So basically yes, a perfect birthday.  I’ve had some good birthdays.  Spent my 30th on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  Lit my face on fire on my 21st.  Okay maybe that one wouldn’t be on the list of top 3 birthdays.  Anyway Phil, happy birthday.  Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Tomorrow morning, I leave for Disneyland!  We haven’t told my daughter where we are going except that our vacation is in Anaheim.  Not that she knows what Disneyland is, but we want it to be a big surprise anyway.  A long ass drive starts at 8:30 AM PST.  I downloaded an app on my phone that tells me wait times at all the rides.  I’ve been looking every so often, and it should be an amazing time.  This past week, all the rides, other than water rides, and Cars Land, are under 20 minutes.  Very sad that a 20 minute wait for a 3 minute ride is considered amazing, but it’s true.  Anyway, wish me luck on the drive!  It’s gonna suck.


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