Fantasy Football

I understand that no one gives a crap about fantasy football except for those involved in the league.  But this is my blog, and I want to blog about fantasy football, so here we are.  Phil and I are in a league together with 10 of our buddies.  This league has been around now for 11 years.  Our draft is Saturday.  The draft date has been set since February.  As has been stated on here a couple times, Phil left for the Camino De Santiago yesterday.  Planning a trip like this, while knowing the date of your fantasy draft?  I can only come to the conclusion that Phil is a big ol’ bag of dicks.  Because now I have to draft for him.  Thanks a lot, jerk.

Our league is a keeper league.  Phil has kept Lesean McCoy and Steven Ridley.  I kept Ray Rice, Percy Harvin and the Seahawks defense.  Yeah, I know Harvin is going to miss at least half the season and probably more.  But I traded for him before then, and was kind of stuck with him.  I couldn’t throw him back.

Phil is the only player in our league to make the playoffs each of the last two seasons.  Which goes to show that fantasy football is a total crapshoot.  Because he is notorious for going .500 every single year.  I however haven’t made the playoffs since 2009.  I couldn’t believe it.  Throughout the season, I will throw up the occasional update on how our teams are doing.  We are in the same division, which means we will play each other twice.  In fact, we play each other week 1 and week 13 (the second to last week of our season).  I will be sure to post the details of how easily I destroy him on the way to my first title.

I am the only one of the original five members of the league who has never won the title.  But I have the 2nd best record in the history of our league.  Which I am told by everyone that means nothing.  This is my year, I know it.  Sucks to be Phil.  I am winning at his expense.


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