Here We Go

Yes, a pathetic Bud Light marketing slogan was the best thing I could come up with for a post title. I apologize. But ever since Eric wrote his moving piece about my upcoming trek across Spain, I’ve been in a tizzy–frantically trying to tie up all the loose ends in my work and personal life before I leave–and I’m afraid the experience has left my brain in a gelatinous state. I am indeed departing ‘Murica for the European continent, and will be hoofing it over 480 miles across Spain with my wife. The experience is sure to test our feet, our patience, and our perseverance, but that’s kind of the point. As Tom Hanks once said through a mouth full of chew, “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.”

I know not how this journey will go, but I’m looking forward to where it will take us.

I’ll make an effort to post a blog or two while I’m away, and if I’m lucky, I may even be able to provide some special correspondence from a La Liga soccer match later next month (fingers crossed). Until then, Eric will continue entertaining you all with great posts.

Hasta luego!


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