Phil and the Camino De Santiago

For those who haven’t read Phil’s couple of posts on this site, I highly recommend them.  He is a much smarter person than I am.  He is all about quality, rather than the quantity that I write about.  He started blogging a couple years ago, and invited me to write with him.  Eventually, we both ran out of time for that blog.  When I started this one up, there was only one person I wanted to invite to help me on this one.  At some point, I may include some of our other friends if they are so inclined, but this has always been our thing.

He hasn’t created a page about himself yet, even though I have encouraged him to do so.  So I’m going to help out a bit.  Phil is a world traveler.  He has been everywhere.  Well not everywhere.  I don’t think he’s been to Australia.  But all over Europe, Asia, yeah Phil’s been there.  Well, in about two weeks, Phil and his wife are going to take on El Camino de Santiago, or The Way of St. James.

I had never heard of this, but apparently last year, almost 200,00o people had done this pilgrimage.  So Phil will be one of many.  I don’t remember exactly where he is starting.  According to the map, you can start almost anywhere in Europe.  I do know he is starting in France.

There is a movie based on this trip called The Way starring Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen.  I am going to watch it before he goes, but part of it concerns me.  Apparently there are numerous people who don’t make the whole trip.  And I don’t mean they give up and fly home.  Part of me is very concerned for my friend.  I’m sure part of that is weather related, and summer is a great time to go.  But Phil will be staying in hostels, and I saw that damn movie too!!!

On the lighter side, but a side that still pisses me off, Phil is skipping our fantasy football draft for this trip.  I am the commissioner of our league, and picked the date for the draft in February.  Everyone in the league makes fun of me for picking the date six months early.  THIS IS WHY I PICK THE DATE SIX MONTHS EARLY.  What a bunch of dicks.  Phil is the only person in the league to make the playoffs the past two seasons, which goes to show that fantasy football is a total crapshoot.  I have to pick his team for him this year so hopefully he’s not too upset with the 16 men who make up his roster.  If he’s worried about it, he can always Skype in from wherever he is!

To be honest, I think it’s awesome that Phil and his wife get to travel the world as much as they do.  I am insanely jealous that I have never seen the places they have seen.  Although, he did tell me a story about waking up to a spider the size of a dinner plate.  That country I can skip.  We don’t get to see each other as much as we would like.  He lives downtown.  I live in the suburbs.  I have two kids, he’s living the no kid life.  But I’m still going to miss my friend.  It’s an arduous journey and I will be worried for his (and obviously his wife’s) safety until they return.  Godspeed, Phil.  And get home soon.


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