Superman vs. Batman

Over the weekend at the San Diego Comic Con, Zack Snyder, director of the less than enjoyable Man of Steel, announced that the sequel will be Superman joining forces with The Caped Crusader, Batman.  Nothing has been set in stone, and basically that was all the announcement was.  No plot, no casting announcements, just the main characters.  Which left me perplexed and excited at the same time.

On the one hand, I will absolutely go see a Superman sequel, even though I didn’t particularly love the first one.  I am a sucker for superhero movies.  Also, I loved The Dark Knight trilogy.  And Chris Nolan was involved with Man of Steel.  So there’s that.

On the other hand, there are lots of questions that need to be answered.  Who will be cast as Batman?  Christian Bale, who was so great in the cape and cowl, has shot down all rumors that he will play Batman again.  So that’s out.

So who is next on the list?  I haven’t seen or really looked at any rumors.  But the big question to me is, where does Snyder take the movie?  Henry Cavill’s Superman is still in his infant stage.  But he is still 30 years old.  The rumor that has been out there since The Dark Knight Returns, is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would take over the Batcave.  He’s actually 32.  Which I didn’t believe.  I think he is really good and is becoming one of my favorite actors, but come on, the guy looks 12.  I just don’t know how he can play Batman.  I would rather see him as Nightwing (not Robin) in a Justice League movie, or even Terry McGinnis in a Batman Beyond movie.  But he’s probably too old to play a teenager, even with his boyish looks.

That’s my other question.  Do you have Batman as an entry level superhero?  Someone towards the beginning of his career like in Batman Begins?  Or more of a battered, time tested vigilante at the end of the trilogy?  My guess is since they will be recasting, they will basically be rebooting the Batman franchise with the new actor and have a fresh start.

I guess we have nothing to do but sit and wait for a couple years.  I think this actually could be a good idea.  Here’s my problem with superhero movies going forward.  I have no problem with new actors taking over these characters.  I am just going to get tired with seeing origin stories every three or four movies.  This will obviously lead into a JLA movie, which I think is moving too fast.  I’d prefer if they took the Marvel approach, but perhaps Wonder Woman and Flash couldn’t hold their own movies, but I’m almost positive they could.


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