American Ninja Warrior

My favorite show of the summer is back!!  If you’re not watching American Ninja Warrior, you should be.  It’s fantastic.  Okay, well you don’t need to watch all of it.  Watch a bit of it.  Then wait for the finals.  The finals are great.

For those who don’t know, ANW is the most difficult obstacle course in the world. It’s based on a Japanese show called Ninja Warrior, which seems to be tougher.  I haven’t seen much of it, but the course does seem more difficult.  Its entirely possible I’m making that up.

My buddy Greg and I enjoy watching it and trying to decide how far we could actually make it on the course.  After we realize its possible we couldn’t get past the first part, we discuss the individual pieces we could pass.  Again, the number of parts we could defeat is very low.

I played golf with Phil yesterday and we discussed one particular part of the course, the salmon ladder.  He asked if I thought I could do it.  Seriously.  Now, I realize I haven’t yet put a picture of me on here (mostly because I’m lazy), but in great shape I am not.  6’1″, 180 is very average, and I can do my fair share of pull ups, but this is ridiculous and I couldn’t believe he actually asked me that.

I find myself rooting for people to fail more that beat the course.  They do competitor profiles and they are supposed to show me how amazing these people are, and how I should feel great for them for working so hard…. Okay many of these people seem like nice people.  But after seeing them run the course a ton of them look like total douche bags.  And it makes me smile when they fall into the water.

It’s something that I think would be really cool to do.  Of course, my lifelong dream was to be a Navy SEAL, and that’s not happening anytime soon either.  It goes back to me being super lazy and enjoying rest and lying around more than excersizing and working hard.

(Side note: HEY!  I’m watching it live and a guy who was in the Sacramento Philharmonic just made it through!  Local boy does it!  Woo!)

Where was I?  Oh!  So I’m envious of these men and women who get to compete on ANW, and really wish I had the time and desire to train for it.  But today it was 108 degrees here.  I really didn’t want to go outside.  I know my limitations.  I’ll let Greg and Phil do it, and I’ll ride their coattails to the top!



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