The Voice

I’ve never seen a season of American Idol. Seeing people who cannot sing, attempt to on TV doesn’t interest me at all. In fact, I am not a fan of reality shows in general. If it’s not The Amazing Race, the non-celebrity version of The Mole, and for some reason, Solitary, even though it’s pretty terrible, I have no interest in reality shows.

But I’ve always watched The Voice. I was intrigued by the premise, originally. Not being able to see the contestants, only being able to go by what the coaches heard was an interesting way to put together a show, and after season 1, I was hooked. Luckily, I appreciate all different types of music, so a singing show will appeal to someone like me, because most likely I am going to find at least one or two people to root for, and in each season, I have.

In season one, I was all about Dia Frampton. She was and is still incredible. I was very sad when she didn’t win, however, it was obvious, even during the audition period that Javier Colon was going to win. I was fine with that. He was very good, just not my favorite.

Season two saw me throw my support behind Tony Lucca. Jermaine Paul won, which was a surprise to me, but again, I was okay with it. He wasn’t my favorite, but I understood.

Last season, again saw a clear cut winner early on. Cassadee Pope was going to win the entire time. It was obvious. Again, she wasn’t my favorite. While I did love her, and think she was amazing, I was a Terry McDermott guy. So I was 0-3, but as long as Nicholas David didn’t win, I was fine with it. He is freaking terrible.

Which brings us to this week. For the third time out of four seasons, the winner was clear very early on. If you pay attention at all, you knew Danielle Bradbery was going to win season 4. Now I love country music, so I was good with this. Alas, my favorite, The Swon Brothers, didn’t win. But, like last season, I had a least favorite. As long as it wasn’t Michelle Chamuel, I was good with whatever the outcome was. I don’t need my singers to do squats on stage 4,000 times per song. I’ll pass.

The point is though, it has been very easy to predict who the winner was going to be in a majority of the seasons. The reason for this is obviously because if a singer gets a song into the top 10 of iTunes, those votes are multiplied by 10. Get a couple of those early on, and you can coast to a the title. It won’t make a difference how many votes an artist gets through the other options. I’ve always had a favorite in the finals, and been fine with the winner in each season, so I guess the way it works has been okay by me, but I think it’s stupid that if a fan buys a song, it could potentially make all votes irrelevant by the end of the season. Basically it makes The Voice just a commercial for iTunes. And let’s be honest, does anyone really not know what iTunes is?

Oh, and also, congratulations to Danielle. To be 16 years old, and sing that well is incredible. She absolutely deserved to win the show. And don’t talk to me about Judith Hill. I read a few other message boards and blogs and Twitter. Why am I the only one who doesn’t understand her appeal? I was thrilled to see her go.


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