Parks and Rec

 Six years ago, I thought Parks and Recreation was simply an Office knock off.  It was okay, but nothing great.  Even my buddy Mike, who is in love with Amy Poehler didn’t want to watch it.  Each year since, it seems to have been on the bubble for cancellation.  Each year it survives.  Along the way, not only did Parks and Rec find their groove, it became one of my favorite comedies of all time.

After watching the season finale, it was pretty obvious that the show would be renewed for a 6th season.  But last weeks official news had me extremely excited.  I thought this was going to be the last straw.  And it was going to be a tough year for me.  Not only is The Office ending this week, but earlier this season I lost one of my top 5 favorite shows ever in 30 Rock.  Huh, guess I like Thursday night on NBC.  Or at least, I did.

But Parks and Rec survived!  Again.  Poehler is amazing as City Councilwoman Leslie Knope.  The cast interacts fantastically with each other and it shows on screen.  But the best thing that has come in the last five seasons is the development of the cultural phenomenon known as Ron Swanson.  Played by Nick Offerman, Swanson owns every scene he is in.  He is my favorite character, and I think most people would agree.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Aubrey Plaza.  I love her!  I’m even debating putting her on my list!!  She’s that fantastic.  The way she and Chris Pratt interact as married couple April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer is hilarious.

If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan of this show.  If you haven’t started watching, I cannot recommend it enough.  Shows often run out of steam before they are taken off the air (cough, The Office, cough), but Parks hasn’t reached that point yet.  This may be the season NBC finally pulls the plug, maybe I’ll get lucky enough to see a season 7.  It doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum yet.


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