I love Netflix.  I have a gajillion movies in my queue.  A ton of them are movies that I have never heard of, and have no idea how they made it into the queue.  Every now and then I will request one of these movies because at some point, I thought it was interesting enough.  Frozen was one of these movies.  I knew nothing about it when I selected it.  Turns out, its ok.

I don’t do snow.  I don’t understand when people love snow.  It’s cold, it’s wet, and it can kill you.  Why anyone would go to it is beyond me.  Frozen is the story of three people who con their way onto the lifts, and as the lift is closing, convince the guy running it to let them go one last time.  They get stuck.  Parts of it I was really glad to see explained, like why they couldn’t just slide down the cable Cliffhanger style.  Parts of it I thought were a little ridiculous, like the pack of wolves.  But I have no idea if there are wolves in the New England area, so maybe that’s completely plausible.

The movie is directed by Adam Green.  May not be the biggest name in Hollywood, but he did write and direct Hatchet and Hatchet II.  My review of the sequel can been read here.  I was surprised to see one of the three main cast members was Shawn Ashmore.  I had to look it up to see which Ashmore he was.  Turns out he is the Ashmore who stars in The Following.  Not the Ashmore who was Jimmy Olsen in Smallville.  It’s annoying when twins are actors and are in different shows.  Even more annoying when those twins are the Mary Kate and Ashley.

I thought the special features were more entertaining than the actual movie.  It was filmed on a mountain in below zero temperatures.  The actual movie seemed ridiculous to me.  I don’t want to give anything away, but jumping seems to be the last choice while sitting in a chair lift.

It’s certainly not terrible, but feel free to skip it.


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