F**k the Maloofs!!!

How dare you sons of bitches go out of your way to screw my town!!!  Not only did you go behind the city’s back to accept an offer knowing the new owners would move the team to Seattle, but now you accept their back up offer?

According to reports, they are now willing to sell 20% of the team to Chris Hansen and keep the other 45% they own.  This actually is starting to make me smile.  After last years arena debacle, they have burned every bridge they could with the NBA.  No owner in the league should be surprised by anything the Maloofs do any longer.

This back up offer is stupid.  Either the NBA is going to approve the sale to Hansen for the full 65%, or they are going to deny all bids put in.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 65%, 20% or any other percent that the Hansen group wants to put in for.  If the Maloofs own even 1% of my team come November, they will have zero sponsorships and zero attendance.  Literally.  Who would go to the games knowing the owners are doing everything they can to get the team out of town?

This is exactly why they won’t own the team at the start of next season.  Even if the NBA did allow the sale of 20%, they won’t have the funds to run an NBA team.  Considering they have had the lowest, or near the lowest payroll in the NBA in each of the last handful of seasons, they have no funds to run a team.  When you trade the #5 overall pick for (what seemed like at the time) spare parts just months after he was drafted simply to get some cash back, its clear you’re broke.  When you’ve made moves like this in each season for the past few years, everyone can see what you are doing.

I hope your casino implodes.  Yes, I know you only own 2% now.  You squandered the other 98%.  I love that.  Zing Vodka tastes like piss.  I don’t know that for sure, but knowing how cheap they are, I can assume.

Go fuck yourself, Joe and Gavin.  That goes double for George.  When we win on Wednesday, I hope you cry in the arms of that bitch sister of yours.  Oh, and I guess this goes without saying, but stay the hell out of my town.


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