Here We Stay?

So back in January, a group of very rich men led by Chris Hansen put an offer on the Sacramento Kings.  The moronic and gutless owners of the team, the Maloof family accepted the offer.  The offer was a record price for an NBA team.  It was very doom and gloom here in Sacramento.

Over the past 4 months, Mayor Kevin Johnson put together a group of local investors along with minority Warriors owner, Vivek Ranadive to keep the team in town.  A week or so ago, the NBA’s relocation committee recommended 7-0 to keep the team here.  The offer was vetted, and the group put 50% of the purchase price in escrow.  It was a miracle save, and the town went ape-shit.  Then today happened.

Today, Chris Hansen upped the value of his offer by $75 million dollars.  The vote is next Wednesday.  I am back on the roller coaster.  Five days left for the rest of my basketball life.  Carmichael Dave, our local voice of the voiceless, says this was all anticipated and is nothing to worry about.  Forgive me for being an assload of worried.

Micky Arison, the owner of the Miami Heat, got into a Twitter discussion the other day with this asshole from Seattle about the move.  I don’t know the guy personally, but I’ve seen the shit he says about my team and my city on his Twitter feed, and yes, he’s an asshole.  Anyway, Arison said that the recommendation from the relocation committee wasn’t about Seattle.  It was about the city of Sacramento and how they stepped up in a short amount of time to get everything the NBA wanted.  But $75 million is a lot of green, and I wonder if the NBA will look differently about it.  They can say it’s about Sacramento all the want, but at the end of the day are the owners going to see what this valuation does to their own franchises?

I just want this two year ordeal to be over.  If its not Hansen, it’s been Anaheim, Vegas, or even Virginia Beach.  Wednesday can’t get here soon enough. Here We Stay, and long live the Kings.


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